Business Expense Cover

At Compass Financial Advisers we understand the pressure small business owners and the self-employed are under. With the success of your business relying on you, and so many regular expenses, the thought of having to take time off due to sickness or injury can be frightening. 

Consider this...

Mat is a graphic designer and has been in business for himself for the last three years. He employs two full time employees and has a small studio in the city.


Mat has been feeling run down and after a visit to his GP and blood test, Mat is diagnosed with glandular fever. It is unlikely that Mat will be able to work at full capacity for up to six months. 

While his staff can do some of his work, Mat has to cancel a number of jobs because he can't commit to a firm date as to when he will be back on his feet. As a result several clients take their business elsewhere. 

Mat is struggling to work out how he will pay the bills. It's not just expenses like rent and utilities but he has a responsibility to his staff and this plays heavily on his mind. 

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